Remote Control

Look after your child anytime, anywhere

Control Your Data

Installing monitoring software for parents, it's easy to wonder how protected you data may be. We understand your concern. Remote Control runs as a plugin for Kids Place Parental Control, and allows you to select which permissions to grant or restrict, so you have greater control over your data.

Track Movement

Kids Place Remote Control is more than a parental lock. It is a child monitoring app that allows you to track both digital and physical movement.

Flexible and Intuitive

A parental lock app may be limited in that you can only access it on your android device. Remote Control has an Administrator site that is available online at, giving you online parental controls from any device with wifi access. The Administrator site automatically recognizes a mobile device login and downloads the Remote Control Administrator app so parents can access controls through the app or the website.

Prevent Unwanted Behavior

Remote Control monitoring software for parents allows you to remotely select which apps on your child's device are blocked or approved. You can also remotely uninstalling unwanted apps, send files and push notifications and updates to the monitored device. These online parental controls allow you access whether the child's device is in your hand, or with your child.

Discreet Control

Our Remote Control plugin gives you the peace of mind you deserve by adding the capabilities of a child monitoring app to the Kids Place powerful parental lock app.

Keep track of your child’s activities in a non-obtrusive way, allowing them to maintain the feeling of independence even within the confines of a safe parental lock.

Keep track of employee’s productivity. Protect your profit margin by tracking which employees are wasting company time and resources.

Geo Location Tracking

Our monitor software for parents tracks device location and movement history. Set up a virtual fence and receive notifications when the device leaves the designated area all from the convenience of the online parental controls.


  • Cloud based parental lock app and child monitoring app combined
  • Remotely add/remove apps and update settings using the Kids Place online parental controls
  • Manage three devices from one central account
  • Sync data between the controlled device and the administrative account so you can access current data and enabling the parental lock, live.
  • Geo Location Tracking on the device so you know your child is safe and employees are where they should be
  • Intuitive dashboard platform so switching between devices and accessing data is easy
  • Reports on app usage and location through the child monitoring app or the cloud console
  • Remotely lock or wipe a device
  • Push notifications and files to the controlled device.

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